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Discover the Must of Macro Dives in Anilao

Sea Snail Anilao

Anilao has about 70 dive sites. 70 % are Muck dive sites where you can discover some of the richest Macro fauna in the world.


The other sites are coral and very rich, such as the famous Twin Rock or Cathedral.


The boats used are traditional Banca. The sites are accessible with 15 to 20 minutes of navigation. Surface intervals are done on the boat, or on a beach.

The best season is from November to May/June.


For the end of year celebrations, the Chinese New Year holidays in February or   the Easter holidays, it is advisable to book well in advance.

Anilao Spotters

The guides are very good spotters. Their experience allows them to find you the maximum number of subjects to photograph. Diver or photographer


You're supposed to be a seasoned diver who doesn't need anyone to manage your air consumption or safety, that's the role of your buddy.

This spot is recommended for experienced photographer divers looking for  dives with great freedom.

All Anilao resorts were built on the steep slopes of the presqu'île Mabini, facing the sea. They all have their own diving club We have selected resorts located in different price ranges.

Resort Anilao
Anilao, the Mecca of Macro Diving


Anilao is one of the Meccas of Muck and Macro diving in the world. The majority are Muck Dive like Secret Bay or Coconut.


The majority of Macro creatures are found in these waters : many species of shrimp (Emperor, Tigers, Harlequins, Chrinoids, Skeleton...)

Frogfish, zebra crab, xeno crabs, an incredible number of nudibranchs...


Each dive is a discovery at the bio level with a large number of unknown species.

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